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Electric Spell

by Split Heaven

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Sacred Fire 05:45
Sacred Fire Verse 1: Crossing the battlefront bursting with rage My soul feels alive again The hunger for conquest has bred over years It´s time to wake up Hell! Yeeeeah! Verse 2: Blasting and storming these fields with fire My call is for blood and relentless defiance Some tried to hold back his heavy resolve But nothing can stop this unmerciful soul The traitors will feel, the strength of his will With sharpness of unholy blades of steel His blasters expelling the burstings of hell The screams of the dammned will be Heard… again Bridge: Deceit, Dishonor, Betrayal He has gone astray! Unholy, Hatred, Undead He came back for vengeance! X2 Chorus: Fire! You've gotta hold into your heart the sacred Fire! You've gotta throw all of your sins into the Fire! Burn your soul and take control of the… Fire! Feed the light inside and feel the sacred Fire! Solo – Carlo Solo – Armand Bridge. Chorus. Solo - Armand There's always a way don't ever betray Sacred fire in your heart is filled with pride
Soul Possessor Intro: Ohhh ohhh ohhhh Verse 1: In the night when demon's rise, there's a candle burning, it reflects the light of the ones who died, like forgotten perished knights. The mystic lands have seen the past and the idols will not grand salvation paths! Verse 2: Like a blaze of storm they will break off, sending hordes of malicious ghosts. Begin to abduct, set forth the dull, wind up the foe and stop the accord. There's no mistrust and you must bow, the thrones of shadows bordering the shore. Hey hey hey hey! Marching on, the dead man's strolls approach the core, the shakes of sorrow brings down hope. Bridge: Evil night, rise and stand Join the light, unchain the fight! X2 Chorus: Soul Possessor, bringing down the aggressor! Dazzling might and insight, with no fear in sight Solo – Carlo Solo – Armand Bridge. Chorus.
The Haunted Palace Verse: In the darkness, stands the master Of disgrace and reprisal In his temple, under his command Lie the weapons of judgement They can run, they can't hide From their gruesome misfortune Do not scream loud For it´s too late now He'll make you regret Bridge: And now he will emerge! For hatred, darkness he stands The power of justice compels And scream thy name Pre-Chorus: Take us, guide us. Blaze up in flames! Raise us, seize us. Beyond the grave! Chorus: Come, lets go! Open the gates of your haunted palace Come, lets go! Evil and madness are out of control Come, lets go! Show us your rage and restore the balance Come, lets go! Open the gates of your haunted palace Solo – Carlo Solo – Armand Pre Chorus. Chorus.
Revolución 06:42
Revolución Verso: Ya suena el llamado a pelear Estruendo de las balas No tenemos miedo a fallar Con valentía y libertad Son ya muchos años de ruina Los campesinos llaman Hoy tienen derecho a luchar Para hacerlo realidad ¡Fuego! ¡Ya! ¡Fuego! Verso 2: Hay un niño que al despertar Es huérfano por la guerra Él ha decidido atacar Con su bandana y fusil Los guerreros del norte y sur Levantarán sus armas Hoy todos haremos historia ¡Marchen a la capital! Puente: ¡Que viva, que viva! ¡Que viva la revolución! ¡Que viva, que viva! ¡Que viva México! X2 Coro: ¡Icen banderas! Hijos de la revolución Muestren las armas Preparen fusil y cañón X2 Solo – Carlo Solo – Armand Puente. Coro. ¡Fuego!
Back from Purgatory Intro: Ohhhh Ohhhhhh Verse 1: We have survived all of all our lives Just for a chance so we can strive Now you wake up on one day Just to see all life has gone away Bridge: I have no will to move or go I am scared to reach out anymore I drown my sorrows on my own Just to wake up and to be alone Chorus: Now I feel my emptiness Drowning in my blindness When can I ever escape this lunacy? Verse 2: Empty streets are all around Boarded windows and needles on the ground The force of silence feeds our rage Decomposing in this wasted age Bridge. Chorus. Solo – Armand Solo – Carlo Bridge. Chorus (x2): Now I feel my emptiness Drowning in my blindness When can I ever escape this lunacy? When will our lives come to feel like normalcy?
Hellion's Night Verse: A shot in the dark when the madness transpires Lack of control in your hands We've lost our faith in order and law There is no way to escape this fate Oh it comes again, the pandemonium Oh now feel the pain, you pray for help Verse 2: When you are in the killing with no sense ahead Fear is concealed in your head Trapped in a cage of mischievous desire Just beware cause you're playing with fire Oh it comes again, the pandemonium Oh now feel the pain, you pray for help Bridge: Seeking salvation we pray at moonlight Giving an offer a final sacrifice We have now broken the sacred seal Spreading the darkness, havoc and fear Chorus: This the hellions night, I am the evil one Ripping and tearing and burning the land I am your master, now take my command Bringing your hopes and your dreams to the ground X2 Solo – Carlo Solo – Armand Bridge. Chorus.
Split Heaven 04:02
Split Heaven Intro: C’mon! Ohhhhh yeah! Verse: Now that I’ve reached the abyss Rage is taking over my body to luminous paths of death Voices inside my mind tell me to stay. Bridge: I keep walking, through dark clouds The wind is crowded of… Violence! Chorus: Take me take me to heaven, to Split Heaven This wicked life is killing me, and I want it to stop! Solo – Armand Chorus. Time will tell...
Let's Fight 04:39
Let's Fight Verse 1: Fighting born champions, prepare to battle there's nothing so priceless as justice, Make suffer and bleed the opponents with fear, and have them in our sight. Lets fight! Verse 2: Now we find ourselves surrounded by bad men this way, we'll feed our pride. They've crossed the line, we'll teach them a lesson. This is the lesson of life. Bridge: The morals and ethics that used to unite are now forgotten in darkness We must prepare to tear down the blindness And stand, unite! Chorus: Come and feel inside the shades of war! Defend the honor of life that we call for! Verse 3: We act as we want, we'll die for the throne We're guided with glory, we'll light up the torch Head for an exit, you have no choice Remember that you will fall! Solo – Carlo Solo - Armand Bridge Chorus Let’s Fight!
Electric Spell Intro: Ohhh ohhh ohhh Verse 1: I’m running away, towards the end; feeling the winds of liberty. Leaving behind repression, living at last my freedom! All the battles I’ve fought, have left me in desolation. Was it worth it, who would know? Dealing with my creation. Verse 2: Now’s the chance to break the oath, I will enforce my law. Men will brawl, deceit has shown the bottom of mankind. My eyes have seen despair. I'm avoiding derogation Feel the pain of transformation! All this because I trust my heart. Chorus: It’s the electric spell, whenever you go, will it ever end? It’s the electric spell, make sure to emerge! X2 Only travelling across galaxies we’ll know, what will occur, when we’re no longer in this plane or any other. Solo – Carlo Solo – Armand Chorus. Conquer the night and embrace the light Feed on the tears and face your fear. There’s nowhere to run, I am the one.
Immolation 00:58


Fifth Album of Mexican heavy metal band Split Heaven


released October 29, 2021

Written by:

Jason Conde-Houston
Armand Ramos
Carlo Hernández
Tomás Roitman

Produced by:

Achim Koehler


all rights reserved



Split Heaven Santiago De Querétaro, Mexico

To read our bio please go to: www.splitheaven.net or www.facebook.com/pages/Split-Heaven/161260646133 Thanks!


Para leer nuestra biografía por favor ve a: www.splitheaven.net ó www.facebook.com/pages/Split-Heaven/161260646133 ¡Gracias!
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